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ACE TAX SERVICES,INC. was established in 2003. “The Internal Revenue Service recognizes Rajendra Hariprashad for its outstanding public service contribution to the community through the Volunteer and Education Programs, which helped save taxpayers more than $800,000.00.

ACE TAX SERVICES,INC. offers in-person tax preparation and online tax preparation, financial services and income tax preparation in Queens NY, consumer tips and tax planning information. Your single source for free Tax Preparation and tax filing in Queens NY of income taxes using our online tax program, or our professional tax services in Queens NY.

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ACE TAX SERVICES,INC. specialize in tax preparation in Queens, NY. We provide quality accounting service and resources from our Queen accountant to any individual or business establishment. Our Hollis accountant is the one in-charge to help with tax preparation for individuals or small business that are looking for timely and efficient accounting.

Tax services with Ace Tax Services goes beyond to meeting quarterly and annual deadlines. Our firm also takes a proactive approach to tax planning, integrated team of professional who worked together to reduce the tax burden of our individual and business clients.

Ace Tax Services is experienced in all aspects of tax preparation, planning, compliance and negotiation with taxing authorities.

With today’s changing laws and regulations, our tax preparers understands and assists in evaluating alternatives that will help our clients to make informed decisions consistent with their professional and personal objectives.

We offer high-level planning and consulting for businesses and executives. We also serve the tax planning and preparation needs of individuals. since our philosophy of maintaining close client relationships allows us to consistently focus on each and every detail of our client’s individual circumstances. Our tax preparers in Queens NY works hard in identifying opportunities and then work with the clients to create tax savings plan to help them achieve both immediate and future goals.

Just moved to the Queens NY area? We can make your transition easier by assisting you to prepare your out of state tax returns. We offer special deductions due to client’s moving expenses, job search, and home closing costs. We at Ace Tax Services specialize in out of state returns as well. Whether you are new to Queens or are planning to relocate, our tax prepare can assist you in filing your tax return for any state.

Why choose Ace Tax Services?

Choosing Ace Tax Services, can make your tax preparation a warm, friendly environment with the help of a tax professional dedicated to meet your specific needs. Come as you are, kick your feet up, and relax – taxes are our thing. You’ll get the tax services you need, the refund you’re entitled to, and the experience you deserve.

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  • Ace Tax Services is an incredibly professional tax company. We have been with them for the past eight years and they have been very trustworthy and responsible when it comes to organizing our tax documents

    Michael Dallimore Avatar Michael Dallimore
  • Our family has been with Ace for the past 15 years and have never once been disappointed. the staff here are very trustworthy and reliable. They take care of all our deadlines and documents and keep track of deadlines. We highly recommend them.

    Anibal Dach Avatar Anibal Dach
  • Ace Tax Services is a great company that has helped my family since 2005 with their taxes. We’ve constantly trusted them with their work, and they’ve kept us in touch with deadlines. It’s a great company that I highly recommend!

    Antone Conn Avatar Antone Conn
  • Our family has been associated with Ace since 2003. We have never once regretted the decision and trust them with all our documents. They’ve always managed to get the most back for us.

    Theresa Larimer Avatar Theresa Larimer
  • The customer service at Ace Tax Services is very professional. I’m always pleased at the way they keep up with all the documentation I require.

    Joe Flores Avatar Joe Flores